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I’ve moved on.

i’m so happy now I don’t freak out over carbohydrates. they used to be one of my biggest fears, but now they’re one of my biggest loves. there’s nothing better than a crispy baked potato with a helping of butter! i’m glad I don’t have to worry that i’m ‘getting enough protein/fruit&veg’. if I want it, i’ll have it, regardless of what food group it comes from. don’t get me wrong, I still, when making a meal, think that I’ve still got to have ‘carb/protein/veg/fats’, but I don’t worry anymore about how MUCH of each i’m getting.

any food is good food, and good food is great.

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There is no way to fully recover when still trying to stay a certain weight if size. The freedom you get from recovery is all about letting go of preconceived notions if how you ” should” look, feel and be.

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i have more selfies than friends

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You're so pretty! ^_^

I think you’ll find that you’re the pretty one here! thank you though, darling :) <3

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today. TW

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