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Set Point.


Your body is your body.

It is made to be a certain way, shape, size, height, etc… etc… It is carefully, intricately, marvelously, perfectly designed to be how it is supposed to be.

That’s the set point. This whole “set point weight” thing that everyone is so worried about - “WHAT”S MY SET POINT?” “AM I THERE?” “HOW WILL I KNOW??”

You just will. Your body, your being, you, yes, YOU, fully YOU, will be in balance. With all the systems working and functions functioning properly, as they are intended to in the human body. It’s really and amazing thing. Utterly amazing.

…It’s how you were DESIGNED to be in full health and wellness, taking care of yourself, nourishing your body and nurturing your mind. It’s YOU.

So don’t worry about your “set point” - it’s YOU. Let me say it again - YOU. The real, whole, legit YOU. How you were designed, created, how you were made to be. And you, yes you my darling, you are a masterpiece. You are handiwork. You are a wonderful creation. So embrace who you will grow into. 

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I love all the selfies you post :3 i think you are such an adorable person and i love to see you absolutely gorgeous face on my dash xx
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rghiuudfnig, you’re too cute! I love being called adorable, it’s just *blush* thank you!

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it was a stupid, stupid decision to ever stop them. I haven’t slept at all in days, I’ve constantly felt like i’m about to pass out, i’ve been close to puking, i’ve been shaky, i’m in tears every few minutes, thoughts have been all over the place, and the urge to SH has returned. I haven’t, but i’m so glad to be back on the happy pills!
oh and, an anon just said they liked my selfies *blush*  thank you, here’s another! :) :)
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