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Bringing this back

Anonymous said : Are you weight-restored? How fast did you gain/have you been gaining on 3000+ (if it's okay to ask)? Do you feel like you have you stuff yourself or do you have the appetite for MM? Do you think 3000+ is forever or just for the period of healing (which may be months/years after weight-restoration)? xx 

oh wow, bro that’s a lot of questions!

i’m not weight restored, no, i’m still gaining and roughly 0.5-1kg a week. remember weight gain is different for everyone, and it’s totally ok and good to gain faster than that! I do have the appeite for MM amounts. it’s all about changing the types of food you eat, not just the amount. whole milk, and juices and smoothies, and something sweet to eat after dinner. I get hungry for meals, and hate my tummy rumbling!

I do think 3000 is for life. I see it all around me. sure, you might not be a perfect size 8 if you eat 3000, that may not be your set point. I know my set point will be quite a bit higher. my housemates are normal eaters, and I see it in everybody. sugar in their tea, and biscuits at work. four biscuits when we were in a lecture and ‘normal’ fizzy drinks. it’s about banning the word ‘diet’, and eating whole foods, and by that I don’t mean ‘clean’ foods.

after all, your body is smart. it knows what it wants, even if it takes some time for your body to get it’s hunger cues back. I felt sick everytime I ate at the start, but jumping up from 2000 or so to 3000+ was actually pretty easy, as I condensed my calories, ate less diet foods, and added fat (which tastes great)

Anonymous said : Think of the weight you've regained as a sweater that you never have to take off. Sound boring? There's more! Not only does this magical sweater keep you warm and cozy in the winter and autumn months, but it also keeps you happy and healthy. What a damn cool sweater that is! (: 

this is so lovely, oh my god. this is the best! reason to recover number #2234 WARMTH! that you my little baby bubbles of fat for keeping me warm :) x


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